Energy Audit and Energy Management System2

DHS is the authorized System Integrator of Saia® SBC( and Janitza® ( Our energy audit and management system are developed based on the universal standards with reliable equipments, eg. from Saia and Janitza in terms of Modbus and Ethernet communications.

DHS Green Technologies is our technology arm to cater for IT cloud development platform for network environment.

DHS-Building Intergated Database

DHS is developed as a comprehensive tool for sustaining a cost-effective management of a building throughout its life. It includes a cloud platform to transform your buildings' energy and information into an integrated database (IDB) for building which is a foundation of all sustainable management tools. The basic function of system is being deployed in the Internet as the cloud services to transform all typical operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals/drawings for example and other information into a well-structured database which facilitates effective information searching, browsing and updating in geographical hierarchies under Web environment.