Our Statement
DHS Engineering is committed to build an integrated reliable, scalable, low-cost digital monitoring and controlling system to meet the energy clear, building manageable, operation automation buildings. We are Driving Hybrid Solutions in terms of building services + IT + Web for sustainability of building engineering, and thus to save energy and enhance the efficiency of building management purposes.
Products, Services and Solutions
A green consultancy engineering company dedicated to delivery world class consultation for integrated design process for building engineering. We have the expertise to deliver "Design & Build" and "Supply & Install" against service levels, providing the best return on customer investment and offer the highest standards of quality products, services and solutions for our clients. DHS Engineering is also the authorized System Integrator of Saia® (www.saia-pcd.com) and Janitza® (www.janitza.com) products from Switzerland and Germany respectively.
DHS R&D team is the technology arm of DHS Engineering for strong research capacity of how to integrate green products and building services, the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented technological innovation system. When it comes to energy saving, We integrate the lean technology to be adaptable and extensible because the best ways of sustainably improving energy efficiency can only be gathered, monitored and controlled over a long period of time. Our system has a strong ability to control, under organizational structure and reasonable rules and regulations, in particular the supervision of internal control system. DHS uses open system to increase the flexibility to integrate products from Johnson Control, Honeywell, Siemens, and etc.
Project Methodology
Providing Design process framework to allow the projects to be effectively and efficiently managed at all stages from the initial idea through to the completion, closure and final training & handover review.