DHS Consulting

DHS provides quality services on four main aspects: (1) green building and sustainability assessments including LEED Certification, (2) numerical modelling and computational simulations, (3) energy management and energy audit REA, (4) special analysis on Indoor Environmental Quality and Built Environments (such as mould inspection and odour investigation). With our extensive research knowledge and experiences, DHS has been providing wide ranges of system modelling, such as energy modelling, day-lighting and light pollution simulation, natural wind modelling and numerical simulations for assessing thermal comfort design etc. In particular, our expertise has been helping the designers and engineers in the following areas to deliver innovative and sustainable design that reinvent the built environment:

  • Air Ventilation Assessment and Microclimate studies
  • Natural Ventilation Assessment and Airflow analysis in Residential Buildings and Naturally Ventilated Premises
  • Pollutant Dispersion Analysis and Carpark Ventilation System Design
  • Hybrid Ventilation Design in Commercial Buildings and Public Transportation Interchange
  • Cooling Tower Plume Appearance Analysis and Remediation Studies
  • Effective Thermal Comfort Controls for Operating Under-Floor Supply Units
  • Displacement Ventilation System Design in Data Centre, Gallery, Auditorium and Commercial Offices
  • Energy Modelling to HVAC Water-side Energy Flow Analysis
  • System Virtual Commissioning of Building System Performances

DHS Energy Audit (REA)

An Energy Audit serves the purpose of identifying where a building uses energy and identifies energy reduction opportunities. DHS energy audit requires an on-site inspection of the facility to quantify energy uses and losses through a review and analysis of equipment systems, operational characteristics, and measurements and testing. Standard energy calculations are used to analyze efficiencies to determine energy and estimated cost savings based upon improvements and changes to the current systems for any EMO improvements.

DHS Power Quality Management (PQM)

One of the key steps towards saving energy and improving operational processes is the measurement of the most important parameters of your electrical energy supply while monitoring the peak loads. DHS Services offers you a complete range of power monitoring units with the corresponding accessories to help you measure a comprehensive overview of your energy supplies and introduce the correct actions over the measures. The power quality is measured according to the international standard of EN50160 for example. DHS offers you a real-time diagnostic from your electrical plants to all levels of sub-circuits. Ares of services include (1) measuring, monitoring and checking electrical parameters in energy distribution units, (2) for monitoring the power quality (harmonics, short term interruptions, transients, initial current ...), (3) control tasks, eg. Depending upon the achieved measurement values, (4) remote monitoring

DHS Measurement and Verification (M&V)

DHS M&V services adopt the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) for quantiying the modeling of your energy saving. Our team helps to tackle your M&V needs and do not have to be expensive to improve the credibility and attractiveness of your energy efficiency projects. We are experienced in producing M&V plans and saving reports, and have been using the IPMVP-guided M&V analysis for the energy saving projects.


DHS is proud of the skills, talents and experience of its entire staff. We have a highly professional team of experts in their specialist control and energy management fields, each committed to our goal of long-term relationships with our clients. Led by Professional Consultant, the team has an unequaled depth of knowledge and understanding of the industry - be it in Cost, Project, Asset and Facilities or Development Management.